The Ice House Grand Opening

October 18-19th, 12-8pm

We are please to invite everyone to the Grand Opening of The Ice House. Please click the link below to read about the events being offered that weekend. We hope to see everyone there.

We are pleased to announce a partnership with
Heartbeat Athletic Therapy

Jessica Pemberton is a Certified Athletic Therapist and will be offering her services in our facility.

To book an appointment she can be contacted via
email or phone:


Twitter: @HeartbeatAT


We are pleased to announce Brent Pope as our Vice President, Business Management

We are pleased to announce Jason Soules as our Director, Hockey Programs

Hockey just got
a whole lot cooler

Warmer winters have made frozen pond rinks scarce. Gone are the days of unstructured play where many would hone their hockey skills with countless hours of free ice time.

Expensive, refrigerated ice is available, but is not always accessible.

When The Ice House opens this September, you'll be able to develop your hockey skills year round, whether for fun or for your league, with less expensive and much more creative solutions. So creative, our ice isn’t even made of water!

That’s right! Our ice is synthetic and great for developing skills and having fun playing hockey. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, making it much less expensive to maintain — no energy costs, no Zamboni — and that’s how YOU SAVE TOO.

At The Ice House, we love refrigerated ice! But, there’s nothing like being able to practice affordably — WHEN YOU WANT.

The Ice House - The Cage shooting trainer


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Love Hockey? You’ll Fit Right In!

All ages and skill levels will enjoy our facility

The Ice House is a hockey skills development, fitness and recreation facility providing accessible and affordable hockey related practice, training, sport specific fitness and recreational activities to hockey enthusiasts. We leverage synthetic ice hockey training equipment. We welcome all ages, genders and skill levels, to our casual, yet professional, environment.

We focus on augmenting your skill development through fundamental skills training, fitness and — yes — fun!

We offer casual, walk-in traffic…. much like going to the batting cages or driving range, The Ice House is a place where you can work on your shot, or your skating, or your stickhandling — whenever you feel like it. Just grab your skates and stick and head over.

The Ice House is a facility where kids can come and join a game of pick-up without a coach, referee or parent watching over them and instructing them on how they should ‘play’. They can just…play and have fun. Our staff will be present, monitoring from a distance, but research shows that children learn best through active, unstructured play.

The Ice House is a facility for the beginner… whether you are a young child learning to skate or play hockey or an adult who wants to play the game for the first time, it’s an environment for you to use at your pace and leisure, without pressure.

For the more serious players, The Ice House is a facility that will enable the developing athlete to train hard and monitor their development progress through a data collection system. This can be done as individuals taking advantage of low membership rates or via teams renting the facility for training.